Here’s Jon Stewart’s hysterical and withering lesson on the U.S. Constitution (at the expense of Fox news commentators), which would go a long way to spicing up a lot of  history and U.S. government courses.

Stewart’s lesson comes in the context of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Stewart: Anybody can toss away the lesser known amendments. Only a  true patriot can set a course straight for the First.

Fox commentator: Given the fact that so many people hate us…we are going to have to cut off letting Muslim students from coming to this country for some time.

Stewart: Yes a religious litmus test for school enrollment…


Ann Coulter: I want to know about this wife… I don’t care if she knew about this. She ought to be in prison for wearing a hijab.

Stewart: And down goes the Ninth Amendment! Down goes the Ninth Amendment! Ann Coulter doesn’t just want a police state. She wants a fashion police state.