A New York City elementary school student who couldn’t stand the way his school lunch tasted made a secret documentary that is now winning audiences and awards at film festivals.

The boy, who is called Zachary Maxwell in the film, which is called “Yuck: A 4th Grader’s Short Documentary About School Lunch,” was in fourth grade when he embarked on his project last year. He was sick of reading the lunch menu posted online by the Department of Education, with descriptions that made the food sound delicious, only to be sorely disappointed day after day after day.

He began sneaking in a camera and collected footage for about six months. Then he and his father, a lawyer, pieced together the documentary, according to this New York Times story.  Maxwell is actually the boy’s middle name; his last name was withheld at the request of his parents.

Besides being amusing, the documentary points out the very wide gap between what the adults say they are serving — even as they try to make meals more nutritious for students — and what is actually given to students.

Here’s the trailer. It’s short, and it’s a hoot. Watch it.

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