The following 90-second video was secretly recorded by a student at Duncanville High School in Texas as another student, Jeff Bliss, told off his world history teacher about the way she was teaching after she had kicked him out of the class.

Bliss complained that some students can’t learn with “packets” of work sheets the teacher had handed out.  “If you want kids to get excited for this, you gotta come in here and make ’em excited,” the 18-year-old said during his mini-rant.

The video below of Bliss yelling at his teacher was taken by a classmate, and Bliss said later he didn’t know it was being filmed. Following that is a video from WFAA-TV, News Channel8ABC in Dallas-Fort Worth, that includes an interview with Bliss, in which he said, “I believe somebody needed to say this.”

Bliss, whose mother is a teacher, told the Channel 8 reporter that he realized the value of education after he quit for a year, only to return to high school. “I want to see a teacher stand up and interact with the students get involved, discuss, talk, question and get deep into the subject,” he said.