(www.landmark.edu) There were plenty of speakers during this week’s graduation at Landmark College. (www.landmark.edu)

At just about every high school, college and university, audiences who gather to watch their loved ones graduate listen to one main key speaker (plus a few other speeches from school leaders). But what about 60 speakers?

Landmark College in Vermont doesn’t name a primary speaker but, rather, gives every graduate two minutes to speak. So at graduation ceremonies this week, there were some 60 speakers addressing the crowd, which included family members from South America, Europe and Canada.

Landmark is a college offering two- and four-year degrees exclusively for students with ADHD, dyslexia and specific learning disabilities. President Peter Eden says that each Landmark student has faced enormous academic challenges, and, “perhaps because of the nature of their journey, graduation means so much to them.” That’s why “we feel giving them the floor is the most appropriate way to honor their achievements,” he said.

(Note: This version adds four-year degrees offered by college along with two-year.)