Teach For America founder Wendy Kopp actually published the following tweet on the same day that Philadelphia’s School Reform Commission approved a budget without funding for things such as paper, new books, athletics, arts, music, counselors, assistant principals and more.

Philadelphia parents and education activists couldn’t get over just how clueless she was about what is really going in Philadelphia’s public schools. Even some TFA supporters thought it was over the top.

Kopp’s tweet does reveal a disconnect between facts on the ground and the view that some school reformers insist on holding about what is going on in public schools. Kopp obviously became aware of the reaction because the next day she she tried to make up for it with the following tweets.

And then:

Difficult circumstances? Cutting funding for art and music and counselors and athletics and paper and new books and assistant principals and librarians constitutes “difficult circumstances?” It actually constitutes a disaster for schools and children.

The only real question is why more people don’t seem to care.