1) Frilly socks — Kingsholm Primary School in Gloucester, England, banned them after  a child with a very long frill apparently tripped and fell, according to the Independent.

2) Triangle-shaped flapjacks — Castle View School in Essex, England, banned flapjacks in triangle shapes after one was thrown and hit a student in the eye, according to the Independent.

3) Dodgeball — The Wyndham School District in New Hampshire banned dodgeball and other “human target” games to prevent bullying, the Eagle-Tribune reported.

4) Adult hugging — New rules in St. Mary’s County Public Schools say that parents cannot hug, or in any way touch, any other child except their own, according to Southern Maryland News.

5) Lady Gaga’s “Starstruck” and 19 other songs at prom — Arcadia High School in Southern California banned songs at the prom that were deemed to be degrading to women by the Women’s Health and Issues Club at the school, according to momlogic.com. The 20 banned songs included “Shake” – Pitbull; “Get Buck in Here” – P. Diddy; “Drop” – Timbaland; “Low” – Flo Rida (feat. T-Pain); “One More Drink” – Ludacris; and “Right Round”.

6)  Leggings. Kenilworth Junior High School in Petaluma, California, banned them because, ABC News reported, it causes “distraction” in the classroom. The school principal, Emily Dunnagan, told ABCNews.com: “When girls bend in leggings the threads spread and that’s really when it becomes a problem.” Other schools in several states have also banned leggings.

7) Birthday invitations — Why? So students who aren’t invited don’t feel bad. This, too, is a new ban in St. Mary’s County Public schools.

8) Baby bump pictures in yearbook — Two seniors at White Cloud High School in Michigan were told pictures of them showing their baby bumps couldn’t be used in the school yearbook because they sent a bad message to other students, New York Magazine reported.