Former president Bill Clinton commemorates Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream speech at the Lincoln Memorial. (The Washington Post)

Did former president Bill Clinton smack critics of school reform in his speech Wednesday during the 50th-anniversary observance of the 1963 March on Washington?

Here’s what he said:

We cannot be disheartened by the forces of resistance to building a modern economy of good jobs and rising incomes or to rebuilding our education system to give our children a common core of knowledge necessary to ensure success or to give Americans of all ages access to affordable college and training programs. And we thank the president for his efforts in those regards. (Applause.)


Was Clinton smacking people opposed to the Common Core State Standards (for a number of very different reasons), or was his phrase “common core of knowledge” a coincidence?

Was Clinton smacking critics of President Obama’s new higher-education initiative promoted as an attempt to reduce the cost of college (that would, among other things, link federal financial aid to metrics that include how much money graduates of specific colleges make?

Just asking.