The U.S. Education Department routinely awards millions of dollars in grants to states and organizations, but it seems that it doesn’t have enough money to maintain its “Doing What Works” Web site.

Here’s a description on what it used to offer, from a department website page:

Videos, slideshows, and tools for using proven teaching practices. Based on findings from the What Works Clearinghouse. GO >

Subscribers to the Doing What Works site recently received the following e-mail:

Dear subscriber: The U.S. Department of Education has suspended operation of the Doing What Works website. We sincerely regret this unfortunate event. You can still acquire many DWW media and materials through other channels. Please email for specific instructions on how you can gain access to DWW media and materials. Sincerely, The DWW Team

The site has already disappeared.

According to Massie Ritsch, the department had no money for Doing What Works. He said in an e-mail:

The ED office managing Doing What Works did not have sufficient funding to continue operating the website and producing new material, but we are working to place the archive of resources on another site for educators to use.

I won’t mention the irony in the fact that department spends millions on school reform that has no proven record of success but ran out of cash for its Doing What Works website.