Here, in 14 cartoons that are a takeoff of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,”  is the story of “How the Dirth Stole Learning,” a commentary on the nation’s standardized testing obsession, school reform and the real meaning of learning.

This is the work of David Lee Finkle, a middle-school teacher in Florida who draws the comic strip “Mr. Fitz” for the Daytona Beach News-Journal. Finkle is the author of books for teachers on student writing and of three young adult novels: “Making My Escape” as well as “Portents” and “Portals” (co-authored with his son, Christopher). The comic strip can be found online at and at the Facebook page Mr. Fitz Comic Strips, and you can follow him on Twitter @DLFinkle. He blogs at The Real Mr. Fitz.

I previously ran a moving series of his cartoons in which he wrote and illustrated the story of his own depression, which was the result of the changes reform has brought to his classroom and his profession.

Here’s the new series. Enjoy.

By David Lee Finkle