A student-led campaign against Teach For America took to Twitter this week and has been proving to be popular, at one point more so than tweets with the Olympic hashtag.

The Twitter effort is being led by Students United for Public Education, a grassroots, student-led organization founded by Stephanie Rivera, a Rutgers University Graduate School of Education Student & Urban Teaching Fellow, and Hannah Nguyen, University of Southern California student and a chapter leader of SUPE.

The two organized a #ResistTFA “Twitter Chat” on Monday evening as part of the organization’s “Students Resisting Teach For America” national campaign, which is aimed at building a resistance movement to TFA, which recruits “corps members” — many of them new college graduates — and gives them only five weeks of summer training before placing them as full-time instructors in low-income, high-need classrooms across America. The chat attracted students, former TFA participants, teachers and other and education professionals, parents, and concerned citizens, and included topics.

Rivera and Nguyen released a statement saying:

“The overwhelming response to the #ResistTFA hashtag proves that there is an enormous concern among students, teachers, parents and citizens across the country regarding Teach For America’s disproportionate influence on public education. We are encouraged to see this massive outpouring on Twitter, and we look forward to continuing this important discussion about Teach For America on campuses across the country.”

Here are some of the tweets on #resistTFA: