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Why would anyone do this?

The Web site of United Opt  Out National, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to eliminating the use of high-stakes standardized tests, has been hacked.

The site posted this message:


United Opt Out

The Movement to end Corporate Education Reform

Our site has been maliciously hacked and destroyed in an act of political sabotage

Please be patient while we rebuild the site, and get our Opt-Out resources back on line

Peg Robertson, a leader of the organization, said that the hacking operation left the site not accessible to administrators and took place late last month while Opt Out was holding a conference in Denver to discuss strategy to promote the idea of students opting out of taking high-stakes standardized tests. The site allows parents, educators and activities a central location on the Web to exchange ideas and  plan collective action.

The movement to opt out of tests has been growing around the country during this spring testing season with thousands of parents refusing to allow their children to take the exams and even some teachers declining to administer them. The movement has led to some bizarre reactions from school administrations, including what is called the “sit and stare” policy. Students who refuse to take the test but come to school have to sit in a chair in their classroom and do nothing. They can’t read, do other work. They just have to sit and stare.

Some parents have figured a way out of the dilemma; they are pulling their children out of class 10 minutes into the test and then sending them to the principal’s office. The students can’t be returned to the classroom where the test is being taken so they sit in the principal’s office, reading a book or doing other work.

Yes, this is what the obsession with tests has come to. Sit and stare, and people hacking into test opponents’  Web sites. Who would do this?