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Last week the school board in Lee County, Fla., became the first school district anywhere to vote to opt out of all state-mandated testing as a protest against what members said was excessive testing. The vote then was 3-2 and board member Don Armstrong called it an “act of civil disobedience.”

Well, one of the majority had second thoughts after considering the possible ramifications of the vote, including warnings from the district’s superintendent, Nancy Graham, that students could be harmed if they did not take exams required to graduate from a public school in Florida.

The board was accused by critics of acting quickly without thinking of the consequences of its vote, so it just met to reconsider the vote. This time, the vote was 3-2 to overturn the first decision. State-mandated testing is back on in Lee County. But the dissatisfaction with excessive mandated testing that drove the original vote remains.