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Teacher refuses to give Common Core test to kids — with her superintendent’s support

Students taking tests online. (Sarah Garland)
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This may be a first: A Long Island teacher has decided to refuse to administer the state’s mandated Common Core-aligned test to students — and the superintendent of the district in which she works supports her.

The Long Island Press reported that Beth Dimino, an eighth-grade science teacher in the Comsewogue School District who is also president of the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association, said, “I believe that giving these tests to my students makes me culpable in the abuse of children and I can no longer do that.”

And Joe Rella, superintendent of the district, which has four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school on the North Shore of Long Island, was quoted as saying he supports her decision:

“I have known Beth for over 20 years. This was not something she has done lightly. There was a lot of soul searching that went on and she said to me, as a matter of conscience, she cannot participate. She cannot proctor this test. And I support that.”

More than 50,000 students refused to take Common Core tests in New York state last spring, with more than 20,000 of them from Long Island. The Long Island Press said Dimino is the first Long Island teacher to publicly refuse to proctor the state’s Common Core tests.

It is unclear whether there will be any consequences for Dimino, or whether other teachers will follow.