There’s a new ad campaign that is sarcastic but funny and reflects something real: many public schools and teachers don’t nearly enough resources.

#SaidNoSchoolEver is being promoted by Hefty, the trash bag company, and the Havas Worldwide Chicago ad agency, with 30-second spots in which teachers say things such as:

  • “I love spending my own money on supplies”
  • “Cutting arts and music programs is worth the savings”
  • “This map — from 1913. Almost all of the states are there.”
  • “More funding for schools? Nah, we’re good.”

The campaign promotes Box Tops for Education, a program that raises money for public schools. Hefty has in the past donated over $3.5 million to the program. Adweek quoted Havas group creative director Ecole Weinstein — whose mother was a teacher in inner-city schools — as saying that the campaign is not meant to be “polarizing” but “culturally relevant and sharable.”

Here are some videos and photos that are part of  the ad campaign: