Monthly Archives: September 2015

She started a testing opt-out movement that has spread across the country.

'I'm sure most of them will score at the bottom of the scale.' Here's why.

The system was originally set up by former gov. Jeb Bush.

Guaranteed recess for all elementary school students is one of them. Here are the others.

The girl learned cursive from her mother -- not at school.

'We’re done with standardized testing, the SAT, and ACT.'

Book excerpt from "The Prize: Who's in Charge of America's Schools?"

A book excerpt.

He later earned several advanced degrees and was a teacher.

'No Child Left Behind from President Bush and Race to the Top from President Obama are both one-size-fits-all solutions. But it’s a critical fact that students have a huge diversity of talents and interests. Education must address the needs of the individual student, not groups. All policies which try to fit one size to everybody will fail for many students, no matter what single size you pick.'

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