In September Florida’s school superintendents issued a public attack on the state’s accountability system that uses standardized test scores to measure students, teachers and schools, saying that they “have lost confidence” in the system’s accuracy and called for a  suspension and a review of the system. Since then there have been solutions proposed that call for an end to the use of the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) for accountability purposes and a switch to national tests. For example, Seminole County Superintendent Walt Griffin proposed three national tests — the Iowa Test, the SAT and the PSAT — as substitutes in different grades.

Here’s a different suggested solution, from Steve Luikart, chairman of the school board in Florida’s Pasco County. Luikart spells out the problem — and how it was created — and poses questions to be answered in creating a solution.

Steve Luikart is chairman of the school board in Pasco County, Florida.