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School asks returning students: ‘What is your hope?’ Here are the interesting answers.

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If you ask kids what they hope for at the start of a new school year, what would they say?

Well, Parkway School District in St. Louis decided to ask, and on the first day of school in mid-August, kids wrote their answers on a blackboard placed outside the school with a single question at the top: “What Is Your Hope?”

As you might imagine, none of them said they hope to take a slew of high-stakes standardized tests or do hours of useless homework.

Here are some of the answers from students (and you can see the video below):

“to have a great year.”
“to be happy”
“to have fun”
“to be included”
“make new friends”
“people will like me”
“that my teachers like me”
“do good”
“I hope it feels like home.”

Teachers, too, wrote down their own answers to the same question, and here some of them:

“That kids know anything is possible!”
“I hope kids know how valued they are.”
“Hope you feel like you matter … You do!”

Watch the brief video showing kids and teachers writing their answers: