The American Statistical Association held a Prediction 2016 contest in which more than 450 high school and college students from more than 30 institutions in nearly 20 states and the District of Columbia used (what else?) statistics to predict who will win the presidential election and by how much.

Students were asked to predict the winning presidential candidate in each state and the District of Columbia as well as the  final percentage — rounded to the tenths place — of the popular vote for each major candidate. They were also asked to include a brief description of the methods they used to get their results.

Who won? According to the association, nearly all of the participants — 97 percent to be exact — predicted that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton will be the next president. The median projection found that Clinton will win 49.3 percent of the popular vote and 332 electoral votes with Trump getting 43.3 percent of the popular vote with 204 electoral votes. Here are the results:

Participants were students in varying numbers from the following schools, including Georgetown University in Washington, Oakton High School in Vienna, Va., and Magruder High School and Montgomery Blair High School in Montgomery County, Md.:

The Election Prediction Contest was part of the American Statistical Association’s This is Statistics initiative, which includes a website designed to educate young people about the field.