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Poll shows the top health concerns parents have for their kids

(Courtesy of the National Poll on Children’s Health by the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan)

A new poll shows that the top concern among parents of white and Hispanic children in the United States is bullying and cyberbullying, but for black parents racial inequities are their chief worry.

The nationally representative poll, taken by the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan finds that overall the top 10 health concerns for children are:

  1. Bullying/cyberbullying (61%)
  2. Not enough exercise (60%)
  3. Unhealthy eating (57%)
  4. Drug abuse (56%)
  5. Internet safety (55%)
  6. Child abuse and neglect (53%)
  7. Suicide (45%)
  8. Depression (44%)
  9. Teen pregnancy (43%)
  10. Stress (43%)

But the top 10 concerns for black, white and Hispanic parents are different, as you can see here:

This was the first time that the Mott Poll had asked parents of kids up to 18 years old to rate their level of concern about health issues that could affect their children. The poll notes the differences among groups of parents, saying:

Black parents differed from Hispanic and white parents in the level of concern expressed regarding both racial inequities in health and in school violence. This finding likely reflects the impact of contemporary social issues on health priorities, and highlights that both experiences and perceptions can differ significantly among different groups of parents. Recent national and local efforts to identify and address racial disparities in health are beginning to focus on these concerns

You can see the entire poll here.

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