Dozens of students walked out of a New Jersey high school in protest after a video went viral showing a teacher telling her class to “speak American” rather than Spanish.

The students walked out of Cliffside Park High School, according to WPIX,  in response to an episode in a classroom in which an unnamed teacher substituting in a math class said that soldiers are “not fighting for your right to speak Spanish.” Rather, she said, “They are fighting for your right to speak American.”

A few students immediately walked out of the class, with one student telling the teacher she was prejudiced, and a short time later dozens of students left the school in protest, WPIX reported. At some point, a fire alarm was sounded and the school was temporarily evacuated.

It was not the first time this unnamed teacher had told students to stop speaking Spanish, the station reported, quoting a freshman named Omar Toledo as saying, “She would usually be in the hallways and tell you not to speak Spanish.”

Cliffside High School in New Jersey (Screen grab from WPIX video)