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When a first-grader’s wrong answer was better than the right one

Sometimes kids say and do the darnedest things. Here are four kids who may be smarter than adults. (Video: Taylor Turner/The Washington Post)

Here are a few tweets that stand all on their own for entertainment value, the work of Bret Turner, a teacher at the private Head-Royce School in the hills of Oakland, Calif.

Turner has been teaching for seven years in the first and second grades, and is also a musician and writer, sourdough baker and self-proclaimed “baseball statistics nut.” He lives in the San Francisco Bay area and has two young children as well as a three-legged dog.

Turner said in an email that he is new to Twitter and surprised that these tweets were popular.

We asked kids to answer a riddle, in the middle of a snowstorm, that stumped a classroom in Oakland, Calif. (Video: David Jorgenson/The Washington Post)