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‘Is this a freaking SNL skit?!!!!!’ — and more reaction to Betsy DeVos’s rocky interview on ’60 Minutes’

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has been steeped in controversy since she was first nominated for the role in the Trump administration. (Video: Claritza Jimenez/The Washington Post)

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had what some would call a disastrous interview on “60 Minutes” on Sunday night, showing herself unable to answer some pretty basic questions put to her by journalist Lesley Stahl. And the reaction on social media has, in some cases, been brutal.

As I wrote in this story about the interview, she said, among other things:

  • She couldn’t say whether the number of false accusations of sexual assault on school campuses is lower than the number of actual rapes or assaults.
  • Arming teachers “should be an option” for states and communities, she said, even though she couldn’t “ever imagine” her first-grade teacher, Mrs. Zorhoff, having had a gun.
  • “We have invested billions and billions and billions of dollars from the federal level, and we have seen zero results,” DeVos said — a statement Stahl challenged.
  • “I hesitate to talk about all schools in general because schools are made up of individual students attending them.”
  • In reference to the #MeToo movement, she said she experienced moments decades ago that “today would just be viewed as unacceptable.”

She also said has “not intentionally” visited a low-performing school — and when Stahl suggested she should, DeVos agreed, saying, “Maybe I should, yes.”

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos stumbles during pointed ‘60 Minutes’ interview

Here’s some of the reaction on social media:

And this from The Washington Post’s White House bureau chief, Philip Rucker:

And this from Rebecca Klein of  HuffPost: