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The head of the nation's largest school districts issues a letter to educators and families.

There was plenty of applause too, but here's what happened.

Five basic principles they want to see in the political parties' platforms.

A new piece by Meredith about public education, co-written with William Doyle.

Education activists and parents say threats of sanctions from the U.S. Education Department won't deter them.

From a successful superintendent: 'Current policy tries to force improvement by holding educators accountable for students’ test scores and by creating competition among teachers and schools. But these strategies are not improving learning appreciably, let alone creating schools for the 21st century.'

"These PARCC exams have done nothing but mess with my valuable class time and significantly lower my confidence in my competence as a student."

'Our broken model of assessment is too focused on labeling our schools and teachers, and not focused enough on supporting our students.'

To make a living? To be a good citizen? To lead a healthy productive life? What about all of the above?

He was working in a D.C. school when it happened.

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