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This Georgia educator once supported the Core but doesn't anymore.

This is the "tough lesson" it says it learned about Common Core. It's probably not the one you may be thinking it should have learned.

It's about the Common Core State Standards.

This will give you an idea of what the standards are -- for better or worse -- as they are being implemented in most states.

Some students in every state will take high-stakes tests that are aligned to the Core.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan gives an extra year for implementation of new teacher evaluations linked to Common Core tests.

The problem, the author says, is not with any one standard or assessment stem—it’s with a checklist mentality.

There's a lot of extreme talk about Common Core being voiced, and it's a problem because it it is clouding serious-minded criticism about the standards initiative and its implementation.

For a supposedly public initiative, the Common Core States Initiative has benefited enormously from the generosity of Bill and Melinda Gates.

There's nothing, it seems, in this school reform era that you can't align with standards -- even Girl Scout badges.

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