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This Georgia educator once supported the Core but doesn't anymore.

Some 30,000 students are taking it this month.

'Using the sample of released items in the New York Common Core tests, I recently spent some time looking over the eighth-grade math results and items to see what was to be learned – and I came away appalled at what I found.'

'Let’s take a look at the tests, as well as the cut scores, in order to better understand the continuing march of New York’s reformist lemmings right over the cliff of reason.'

They sent a letter to Education Secretary Arne Duncan and others.

See how you do.

Ninety minutes, six reading passages, 42 multiple-choice questions. Go!

What do the scores of the new Common Core-aligned tests really mean?

'The state has not given us any reason to trust the scores.'

How much better will these tests really be? Here's the answer.

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