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A former teacher and associate professor looks at where education reform has been and where he thinks it should go.

What he has done and whether it has helped or hurt public schools.

Yemen is in the middle of a deadly civil war. According to the United Nations, several thousand people have been killed, some 21 million — more than 80 percent of the country’s population — need humanitarian aid and 1 million civilians have been forced from their homes. While their country disintegrates, 31 teenage exchange students […]

The latest mark against Ohio's troubled charter sector.

The American Federation of Teachers, which endorsed Hillary Clinton, published questionnaires it put to candidates about education and other issues. Here are the questions and answers.

Shanna Peeples tells union convention: ' Our critics love clichés, and simplistic slogans and manipulated data. This is how they attack, and the good news is the utter banality of those attacks.'

New York asks for permission to test students with disabilities based on their developmental level and not, as required, on their age. The answer was "no."

"I have loved doing a job that has been very difficult. I am not, however, willing to do a job that has become impossible."

It isn’t enough, apparently, that many kindergartners today are subjected to test after test, homework, little or no play, little or no rest time, and sometimes, no snack. Now, a Florida schools superintendent is recommending a new treat for kindergartners who are not reading as well as adults want them to be (even if they […]

Walker’s most damaging and telling attack on the public sector involves education.

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