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'Almost every day, I slip food to one of my students. Both of his parents are in prison. Or, one of his parents is in prison and the other is dead. We can’t quite get the full story from him....Where there is money, there is education. Where there isn’t money, there is excessive testing, lack of curricular options, and struggle.'

Using the word 'poverty' to describe different students’ living conditions is too general to be helpful.

New research on how poverty affects children highlights how inadequate most school reform policies have been.

The list, plus how stereotypes affect the way students perform in classes.

New data shows the problem getting worse.

It isn't what many school reformers are giving them.

The problem is poverty, and new statistics bring that into stark relief.

A video every school reformer should see.

A comparison of two schools shows the very different circumstances in which rich and poor students are educated.

What does this mean for educational achievement?

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