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'The new normal for many of America's children is anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder because they live with the daily fear and the real possibility of being injured or killed by a gun. For some, the feeling is merely background noise like, 'look both ways before crossing the street, and be careful because some lunatic with a gun could kill me in school'. For others it's a 50-piece marching band parading through their head because now, not only are their neighborhoods and homes not safe from gun violence, their schools—the one place where many gained respite—are perceived unsafe, too.'

Dozens of Michigan schools started the holiday break two days early because of distractions caused by rumored threats of violence and issues with end-of-the-world prophecies. Following are statements from officials in the two counties explaining why.

Here is a newly released video of thanks to Sandy Hook Elementary School educators from Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who was reported to have visited Newtown, Conn., site of the fatal shootings of 20 young children and six teachers.

One teacher writes about the task she faces in the classroom on Monday, the first day back in school after the horrendous Newtown shootings that left 20 young children dead.

School districts in the greater Washington area and around the country respond to the deadly shootings at a Connecticut elementary school.

Here, from the National Association of School Psychologists, is advice on how to talk to children about violence.

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