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Teacher testifies before Senate education committee at first No Child Left Behind hearing

'The gap between my hope and the outcome of NCLB is far wider than any gap in test scores could ever be.'

They issued a joint statement that reveals misplaced belief in a core principle of No Child Left Behind.

He told teachers he understood their concern about over-testing. But what did he do about it?

An open letter to parents: 'If keeping our jobs means harming children and squelching them during a prime developmental span, then we want no part. '

Many leaders of education groups "at this time of "full steam ahead"’ reform are so anxious to keep their seat at the table that they do not want to alienate those who serve the dinner."

A fact sheet on why it's time to stop giving high-stakes standardized tests to kids.

Assistant superintendent in Florida school district resigns, slamming test-based accountability.

She is in her 35th year of teaching and is highly concerned about over-testing.

State education commissioner agrees to suspend FAIR testing for K-2 students.

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