Paul Blair, also known as DJ White Shadow, explains how the film's pop tracks came together.

It’s not just to keep delivering a reliable stream of monologue taunts.

A lot has has happened in the years since Netflix's true-crime docuseries brought Steven Avery to national prominence.

Caroll Spinney, the performer behind Big Bird and Oscar, announced his retirement after almost 50 years.

The founder of Blumhouse Productions, which is releasing "Halloween" this week, had said "there are not a lot of female directors period, and even less who are inclined to do horror."

In 2013, the concept of Netflix dumping a whole season of a show for fans to binge-watch was unheard of.

The all-female Artists of the Year was a jarring contrast to the number of women actually on the country charts.

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White nationalists are celebrating a "Today" show segment on Identity Evropa. Here’s how NBC missed the mark.

MTV announced on Wednesday that Jackson will receive the Global Icon Award at the upcoming Europe Music Awards.

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Is it satirizing our polarizing political culture -- or trolling?

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