The country radio host's victory – over Milo Manheim, Evanna Lynch and Alexis Ren – left many viewers stunned.

The arrest of the rapper, known for his social media fan base, follows a long string of legal troubles.

Mandla Morris, 13, dedicated his performance to his dad, who sang “Isn’t She Lovely.”

Pete Davidson and Chris Redd star with Kate McKinnon, who wears a blinged-out collar as RBG.

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Fictional monarchies, a baking competition and the ol' switcheroo? Check, check and check.

The country radio host isn't the most technically proficient dancer. But it doesn't really matter.

The make-believe Amazon CEO insisted that the new HQ2 locations were "not just to make Donald Trump think about how I'm literally 100 times richer."

Kate McKinnon once again plays Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

Just don't ask him about a potential reboot, okay?

Shouting Hitler in a crowded theater never turns out well.

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