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An Ed Sheeran song lands surprisingly high on the list.

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The smash-hit revival is as entertaining as ever

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New data shows that women made up 24 percent of the top-grossing films' protagonists in 2017 — down from the year before.

Kimmel singled out Donald Trump Jr. and Ted Nugent, who “liked” and shared false stories about one of the shooting survivors.

The actress slammed a controversy surrounding the weather-appropriateness of her ensemble at a “Red Sparrow” photo call.

After lawmakers such as Marco Rubio “completely abdicated responsibility,” he said, high-schoolers have taken charge.

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It's a superhero Marvel movie, but also one that explores some pretty complex themes.

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Janelle Monáe and "A Wrinkle in Time" join the film in ushering a new era of Afrofuturist work.

Singer Ashla Taylor plays the country-pop star in this series, which blends interviews with dramatic reenactments about troubled stars.

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The fashion industry is ready to help build your personal brand for fall 2018 -- if you like big shoulders, earth tones, leopard print and gaucho hats.

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