The “Thinking Out Loud” singer played a charity concert in Washington, and the tickets were immediately snapped up.

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Paul Abrahamian watched in disbelief as Josh Martinez won and he lost out on the $500,000 grand prize — again.

The late-night host didn't hold back, and also responded to Sen. Lindsey O. Graham and Gov. Chris Christie.

He recently made a public apology to his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, and children. And he's addressed his history with cheating before.

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The ABC late-night host showed he's not going to stop being part of the debate.

His special included visits to a Palestinian refugee camp and a hospital on Syria's border.

The late-night host unloaded on the Louisiana Republican, who said earlier this year that any health-care bill would have to pass the “Jimmy Kimmel test.”

As she promotes her new book, Clinton stopped by “The Late Show” to talk to one of the most vocal Trump critics in showbiz.

Oz is a fan of medical marijuana. Doocy once coined the phrase “all potted up on weed. "

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The singer's 1997 album helped pave the way for more collaborations between pop stars and rappers.

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