With less than a month to go until Valentine’s Day, it’s officially go-time for dating sites and matchmaker-wanna be friends. So it makes since that Washington D.C. startup, Hinge.co, announced this week that it’s coming to an iPhone near you and you could be the first to get the app. Phew!

Hinge launched this summer as the love child of Facebook and Friend-setups. Justin McLeod, CEO came up with the idea after eyeing a cute girl in one of his Harvard Business School classes and later finding that they had a dozen Facebook friends in common. Together with Bennett Richardson, CMO, and Matt O’Donnell, CTO, Hinge was born. Richardson says, “Young people don’t join dating sites…Hinge helps young people connect with dates while avoiding all of the stigma: you don’t have to create a long awkward profile, you never see any random people – all of our recommendations have mutual friends in common with you…” (This is a very different approach to matchmaking than the ChristianMingle model ‘Post’ reporter Paul Farhi investigated. Or you know, old-fashion setups through Date Lab.)

How does it work? Facebook users sign up for the Hinge game and by answering a series of questions such as “Who throws the best parties?” and “[insert friend’s name here] tells more FML gripes, LOL jokes, or OMG stories” the game develops a list of compatible friends of friends.

Now that the site will be at your fingertips, singles no longer have to ask the age-old Saturday night question, “Do you have any single friends?”