Ron Paul isn’t wasting any time in retirement. The former presidential candidate, who left Congress in January, is working on a book about education.

“New School Manifesto” will be released by Grand Central on Sept. 17. The publisher describes the upcoming book as “a focused guide to Dr. Paul’s position, which centers on a strong support for home schooling and free market principles applied to education. He makes the case for individual freedoms as they pertain to educating our children, and nimbly dissects the most pressing issues that need to be addressed from the libertarian point of view.”

“New School Manifesto” will also reportedly provide a history of American schooling and a critique of what went wrong.

During the presidential campaign, Paul advocated closing the Dept. of Education, abolishing “No Child Left Behind,” and giving tax credits to parents for educational expenses.

Paul, 77, is the author of several bestselling books that advocate limited government and a return to the gold standard.

In 2008, the Texas congressman published another “manifesto” titled “The Revolution,” which articulated his economic positions and his objections to the Iraq War. Several months after it was released, The Washington Post reported that the book was largely written by Paul’s longtime supporter Tom Woods.