With just a few days to go until the Academy Awards, it’s that glorious time of year when movie theaters are overrun with people trying to see how many nights they can survive on popcorn for dinner, catching up on all of the top nominees before the stars start strutting down the red carpet on Sunday night.

Only have time to see one of the nine Best Picture options? Ann Hornaday named  “Zero Dark Thirty” her top movie of 2012, and she’s sticking to it. Fellow Post reviewers Stephanie Merry and Michael O’Sullivan backed her up on that choice. (Check out this Sunday’s Style section for a full list of their picks.)

So how do their Best Picture predictions compare to other movie critics?

Los Angeles Times”: The Envelope is rooting for “Lincoln”: “…“Lincoln,” 10-9. Nominee kingpin, with nods in all the right categories. It was the movie to beat when the day began and its status is even more solidified now.”

Roger Ebert dares readers in “Outguess Ebert” with his “Argo” prediction : “The winner of the Academy Award for best picture will be Ben Affleck’s tense new thriller ‘Argo.’ How do I know this? Because it is the audience favorite coming out of the top-loaded opening weekend of the Toronto Film Festival.” Also, because I had a feeling.”

Have your own predictions for Best Picture? Fill out the Oscars Ballot Builder to see which movie fellow Post readers think will take home the golden statue.


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