Just in case you didn’t sit spellbound through the entire 3 1/2-hour Oscar telecast, we’ve compiled a cheat sheet of the 10 most memorable moments — including some we’d rather forget.

Jennifer Lawrence’s tumbleThe year’s best actress won over any fans she didn’t have already by somehow turning an embarrassing moment into an opportunity to show everyone how normal (read: very cool) she is.

“You guys are just standing up because I fell and that’s really embarrassing, but thank you,” she joked while accepting the Oscar for best actress. Lawrence was full of nervous humor when asked about the trip backstage. “Was that on purpose? Absolutely,” she mocked instantly. “What went through my mind when I fell down? Uhh a bad word I can’t say, that starts with an F.” Read more

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Michelle Obama as surprise presenter: Just as the Oscars seemed to be coming to a predictable conclusion, the First Lady — like William Shatner before her — beamed in from Washington, wearing a glittering Naeem Khan gown to present the Best Picture award.

There’s only one person who could upstage Jack Nicholson. FLOTUS, straight off of her “Mom Dancing” Internet sensation, presented the biggest award of the night. Read more

First lady Michelle Obama seen on the video board onstage during the Oscars (Kevin Winter/Getty Images).

Kristen Stewart’s limpWe’re not in the business of adding insult to injury, but Stewart clearly had some issues on Sunday night. The “Twilight” star appeared on the red carpet with crutches, and then awkwardly limped (sans crutches) alongside Daniel Radcliffe during the show. Cue an immediate Internet frenzy.

 So why the wobble? Stewart injured her foot walking on glass, according to the AP.

“I know, I’m an idiot,” she told Anne Hathaway backstage before hobbling out without her crutches. Read more

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Seth MacFarlane’s sexist jokes:  Yes, hosting the Oscars is challenging. Yes, he probably didn’t write all of his own jokes. But the “We Saw Your Boobs” song? Really? Not even a very solid “The Sound of Music” sketch could redeem him. The New Yorker has compiled its own evidence against him. The Post’s Hank Stuever summed it up well.

What you got was a combination of sicko and retro, an Oscar show hosted by someone who waited until Oscar night to discover that he’s only so-so at stand-up comedy. Read more

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Ang Lee’s sort-of upset: Granted, The Post’s Ann Hornaday did predict this win, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was Spielberg’s category to lose. And Lee’s acceptance speech? Absolutely adorable.

“Thank you, movie god,” said Lee. He previously won Best Director in 2005 for “Brokeback Mountain.” Read more

Meryl Streep eschews the envelope: Last year’s best actress put her signature flair on the art of Academy Award presenting. No dramatic pause before announcing the Best Actor winner. Not even a glance at the envelope, which prompted an immediate proliferation of tweets about her secret powers.

No, you didn’t miss it — Meryl Streep announced Daniel Day-Lewis’ best actor win without opening the envelope on-stage. Maybe she wanted to avoid an incident like Sandra Bullock’s. Read more

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Anne Hathaway’s acceptance speech: Well, at least she seemed prepared. Hathaway gave a very, ahem, rehearsed speech. Verdict is still out on that gown.

“It came true!” she exulted, before going on to thank the Academy and pay tribute to all her fellow nominees by name…Appropriate, restrained, not terribly memorable but not obnoxious either. They played her off with the theme from “The Godfather” for whatever reason. Read more

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Tie for Best Sound Editing: It must be the hair. Both sound-editing winners, in addition to sharing exemplary talent, sported flowing blond locks. Bonus: Paul N.K. Ottosson of “Zero Dark Thirty,” and Per Hallberg of “Skyfall” are now Academy Award winners and movie trivia fact.

You can tie at the Oscars? News to everyone, apparently.  Read more

Sound editor Paul N. J. Ottosson (Kevin/Winter/Getty Images)

50 years of Bond: Alas, The Bonds didn’t show. Instead, the audience reveled in the  powerful vocals of Shirley Bassey and Adele. We’ll take it.

Dame Shirley Bassey just killed it tonight, but you might still want to go back and listen to the original. Read more

Dame Shirley Bassey performs the song “Goldfinger” (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters).

Ben’s Affleck’s acceptance speech: There were definitely some disjointed phrases involved, but can you really blame him? He made the Best Picture, and he can ramble if he wants to.

Affleck, exuberant, went on at some length, thanking “everyone in the movie, on the movie, who had anything to do with the movie.” He thanked Canada, Iran and his wife, Jennifer Garner. He recalled his 1997 screenwriting Oscar (with Matt Damon) for “Good Will Hunting.” “I was a kid. . . I never thought I’d be back here.” Read more