Think what you want of the Oscars red carpet — one of the most memorable fashion statements of this year’s Academy Awards was long, flowing white hair.

Cinematographer Claudio Miranda (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Claudio Miranda, who won early for his cinematography work in Life of Pi, earned comparisons to Lucius Malfoy and Edgar Winter on Twitter. (The former is a wizarding villain in the Harry Potter series, the latter a musician with albinism.) The good news is, the trend is apparently easy to achieve. When asked who did his hair for the red carpet, he told The Post’s Dan Zak: “Bed de la Morning.”

Later in the show, both winners in the tied sound-editing category sported white manes: Paul N.K. Ottosson of “Zero Dark Thirty,” and Per Hallberg of “Skyfall.”

Sound editor Paul N. J. Ottosson (Kevin/Winter/Getty Images)

Sound editor Per Hallberg (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


Is this the year metal hair makes a comeback? Maybe not. But it seems like a pretty good year for wizard jokes. Among the people Miranda, Ottosson and Hallberg were compared to on Twitter last night: Dumbledore, Gandalf, Meat Loaf (or another aging rock musician of your choice), Karl from Die Hard and the killer in The Da Vinci Code.



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