Forget  your sequestration blues and winter ennui: Whackmeisters Dave Barry, Tom Shroder and Gene Weingarten at this very moment are ginning up brainteasers for you to solve Sunday, June 2, at the 2013 Post Hunt in downtown Washington, D.C.

People come from across the  country — in teams or individually, in costume or not — to compete for glory, fame and $2,000. Mostly the glory. The game, sponsored by WP Magazine, work likes this: In a day of hilarity and head-scratching, you solve a series of amazing puzzles that will either drive you insane or drive you to a Mensa meeting. The Post Hunt must be on your bucket list. To get in the mood, here’s a practice Post Hunt puzzle.

The answer to this puzzle is a number. Figure out which number it is, and you could win a Hunt T-shirt.

(Video by Eric Shansby)

Send your answer to

The first responder to email in the correct answer will win. Email responses will be accepted for 48 hours after publication. Check back with Style Blog on Monday, March 11, for the correct answer.

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