Notable recordings from the world of pop music.

DJ Rashad

Think you can keep up with DJ Rashad? He’s a pillar of Chicago juke, a style of dizzying, dazzling dance music that, if employed properly, could probably make Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign twice as effective. For the uninitiated, Rashad’s new EP, “Rollin,’  ” is a great place for any newbie or first lady to start. Across 20 minutes, he stitches old soul samples to drum machine palpitations so rapid, they feel as if they’re shrinking waistlines and the fabric of time itself.

Julian Lynch

He has buddy ties to Real Estate, Ducktails and other Garden State groups fluent in carefree indie rock, but Lynch’s new album, “Lines,” gently merges onto the psych-rock parkway that stretches from Syd Barrett through Bon Iver. It’s a mellow victory, with regal woodwinds and swirly guitars signaling cool-headed ambition instead of warmed-over melodrama.


Brit brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence have been serving up smart dance-floor confections for a couple of years, each tune sweeter than the one before. That means they’re at the top of their game with “White Noise,” a recent puff of cotton candy that feels light, then heavy, then dissolves. (The duo performs at U Street Music Hall on Friday.)