Musician Michelle Shocked gestures on top of her tour bus in New York, May 30, 2003. (JIM COOPER /AP)

…..which is why it was so (ain’t gonna say it) surprising when punkified folk-rocker Michelle Shocked went on an anti-gay rant in San Francisco (of all places!). She, of the gender-bending, is-that-a-guy haircut and clothes. She, who joked that her 1989 Grammy, beating Womyn icons Tracy Chapman and Indigo Girls, should have been called “Best Lesbian Vocalist.” She, who told The Post in early 1989,

“I was so extreme. I wanted to live on $3,000 a year because that’s what you can make without paying taxes, which would then buy bombs which would then be dropped on people in South America.” (Read more from The Post’s profile.)

She, who, according to an informal Twitter survey, is unknown to those of us born after 1980 (unless you happen to be The Music Writer — Virgo, 1980 — sitting to the right of me.) Fans and promoters freaked after the San Francisco incident, forcing her tour to come to a halt. For the time being, we’ll have to survive on “Memories of East Texas” and videos of mohawked, pre-hate Michelle, like the one below.

Michelle Shocked – Anchorage Live 80s

N!cNegat!v™ | Myspace Video