Just days after Amazon announced plans to buy Goodreads, the social network of 16 million readers, comes this exciting announcement from The Totally Hip Video Book Review:


My masters, ever vigilant against the potential chaos of comedy, want me to make sure you understand that THIS IS SATIRE:

  • Amazon did announce that it plans to acquire Goodreads, but the Seattle retailer has not bought The Totally Hip Video Book Review (although I could be had for considerably less than $160 million).
  • Amazon does publish Timothy Ferriss’s “4-Hour Chef” — and other books — through its New Harvest imprint, but you cannot get a free copy from Amazon. (Many used book dealers, however, do sell books for a penny on Amazon’s site.)
  • Amazon collects sales tax in nine of the 50 states but has fought many states’ efforts to collect sales tax on online purchases. The company supports passage of the federal Marketplace Fairness Act.
  • Barnes & Noble does not like to be used as Amazon’s showroom.
  • That is real bacon.
  • That is real money, but I’ve already spent it on more bacon.
  • The Library of Congress is not for sale.
  • Resistance is not entirely futile.

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