Washington playwrights, actors, critics and theater lovers will mix and mingle at the 29th annual Helen Hayes Awards on Monday night. Watch the red carpet arrivals, get a peek backstage and see the winners via the live stream below. The show will run from 6:30 p.m. until 10:15 p.m.


Which nominees are you hoping will take home a Helen Hayes Award?

Will The Color Purple musical win for Outstanding Resident Musical? As the Post’s Nelson Pressley noted:

The dish from the Helen Hayes Awards announcement…: The most nominations for a musical went to a show from a dinner theater.

Which playwright will be honored with the Charles MacArthur Award for Outstanding New Play or Musical? In “How great plays are (eventually) made,” The Post’s Jessica Goldstein interviews five playwrights nominated to ask them how their plays made it from idea to stage:

It’s easy to forget when you see a play that what you’re watching didn’t spring fully formed out of somebody’s forehead. At first, it’s a rough draft, with the emphasis on rough….Then the play finally goes up, and — if the writer really nails it — there’s this feeling of inevitability about the whole thing, as if every false start and shaky draft had been building to this point all long — which, in a way, they were.

“Spend the night with Helen” for these answers and more.


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