Notable recordings from the world of pop music.


With “Searching Through the Past,” Jessica and Jennifer Clavin penned one of the most unimpeachable rock ditties in recent memory, and it has finally surfaced on the band’s debut album “Ride Your Heart,” a collection of tunes recorded on the corner of girl group fatalism and punk rock desperation.

Channeling their Los Angeles forebears X on another standout track called “Next Stop,” the sisters break hearts with the icy detachment of a morning commuter: “Next stop, I’m waiting for the train/Next stop, smoking in the rain/Next stop, kissing you goodbye/Next stop, tears in your eyes.”

You’ll want to bring your dancing shoes, your SmarTrip card and a hanky when the band performs at DC9 on April 18.

Deadstring Brothers

Crazy how the aesthetic vibe of a single album can inspire a band’s entire approach decades down the road. But maybe not all that crazy when we’re talking about the Rolling Stones’ “Exile on Main St.,” that mystical mash of country, blues and rock-and-roll that seeped up from a dank French basement back in 1972.

A mere 41 years later, Deadstring Brothers, a Detroit band led by songwriter Kurt Marschke, is still trying to crack the Stones’ alchemical formula, and, of course, comes up with the most satisfying results when failing. The band’s fine new album, “Cannery Row,” pantomimes the dirty-jangle feel of “Exile,” but it skews a touch more country than rock, offering a few autumnal melodies that should make us wonder what would have happened if Marschke had fallen in love with Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush” instead.