0414 TR2 silo_r1 (Altuzarra)

Fashion thrives on change, so designers constantly tweak their collections to seduce customers seeking the thrill of something new. On spring runways, ruffles flounced, louche silhouettes and macrame handbags announced Boho was back, and skin peeked through clothing from head to toe, making it apparent that cutouts are cool. Will these new trends appeal to Washington denizens? We consulted two Washington Post colleagues for the male and female points of view.


0414 TR1 silo_r1 (Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière)

Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga sculpted ruffles on thigh-high flamenco skirts, and Joseph Altuzarra adorned a denim jacket with a fluffy peplum.

She:I can see how a dress with ruffles would work in my life. But you need to be careful about where they’re placed. You don’t want to accentuate an area of the body where you already have some (ahem) bulk.

He: I’m not a big fan of frills. They look too young for grown-ups.I would ban my wife from wearing ruffles.

Really, now. We have to wonderwhat she would say if she knewof this prohibition. What would she ban him from wearing?


0414 TR3 silo_r1 (Courtesy of Michael Kors)

Stiletto gladiator boots/sandals at Altuzarra, bandage dresses at Michael Kors and peekaboo evening wear at Naeem Khan showed off spring’s penchant for transparency.

0414 TR4 silo_r1 (Courtesy of Altuzarra)

She: Only Karlie Kloss could look good in this Michael Kors dress. The boots are just a rehash of a three-year-old gladiator trend. With any of these clothes, if you have the least bit of fat or eat something salty, your flesh will bulge out.

He: Have these clothes been attacked by moths? They have too many holes. And anyone who wears this boot deserves ridicule.


Tie-dyed skirts, ponchos, fringe, caftans and beaded necklaces at Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren and Diane von Furstenberg spoke to a globe-trotting, Bohemian spirit in these collections.

0414 TR6 silo_r1 (Courtesy of Tory Burch)

She: This reminds me of something your mother made for you that you didn’t want to wear. The big beads look artsy-crafty, but not in a cute, Etsy kind of way.

0414 TR5 silo_r1 (Courtesy of Ralph Lauren)

He: I’m not sure women in D.C. will go for this look, but the clothes look comfortable and relaxed. Anyone who does wear them will stand out in a good way. I think I’d like them.


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