A feature in which we assess the quality of a pop song trending online.

The artist: Daft Punk, the French duo that dresses as androids and have made some of the most euphoric dance music ever constructed.

The song: “Get Lucky,” the first single from the band’s uber-anticipated “Random Access Memories,” dropping May 21, features superstar producer/singer Pharrell Williams and pioneering Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers.

It’s trending: On an atypically busy news day, scribblings about the song still rank on Google’s list of today’s most heavily searched news stories.

But is it good? Yeah, it’s good, but it’s still the itty-bittiest bit disappointing because it’s so close to great. While Daft Punk built its palace on a foundation of classic house and disco, the duo’s best music has felt entirely original. Adding a voice as familiar as Pharrell’s to the mix cheapens the magic — which is a shame, because he’s in pretty decent form, here. If you’re experiencing the same unease over Pharrell’s falsetto, tune your ear to Rodgers, perhaps the most inventive and underrated American guitarist alive. He plays that Stratocaster like he truly belongs on this tune.