Notable recordings from the world of pop music.

Randy Rogers Band.

Randy Rogers Band

Growly macho men of country music, please make way for a singer who apparently subsists on a diet of cigarettes, whiskey and three square meals of sand. On his band’s fabulous new album, “Trouble,” the Texas native’s throat sounds as pained as his heart – a delivery that sells every last syllable of these wounded country songs.

It isn’t all downers, though. “Fuzzy” is a high-spirited, slow-moving ode to the most punishing of hangovers, while the title track features a cameo from a man who’s spent 80 years chasing trouble like it was his own tail: the great Willie Nelson.

Britta Persson

Maybe it was just a matter of time before Sweden’s expanding dance floor gobbled up this Stockholm songwriter whose last album, “Current Affair Medium Rare,” was a Pretenders-ish pleasure heard by far too few.

Persson’s follow-up, “If I Was A Band My Name Would Be Forevers,” finds her shimmying toward the type of dance pop that seems to spring eternal from her homeland, and without sacrificing too much of her previous work’s nuance. But her refrains have certainly taken a turn for the peculiar – “There were e-mails I couldn’t even open,” and “I walk my
bike to my suburb,” for instance. It’s hard to tell if something is being lost in translation or if Persson is trying to spin magic out of the mundane. Either way, you can usually dance to it.

Chapin Sisters

The whole thing would stink like an easy gimmick if it didn’t sound like two women putting themselves through harmony boot camp.

On their new album, “A Date with the Everly Brothers,” Abigail and Lily Chapin courageously attempt to pantomime the sibling harmony of their unimpeachable forebears, tinkering with the tempos and generating mild gender confusion by sticking to the original pronouns in the lyric sheet. But their singing is always right on.