The Washington area has become a favorite overseas shooting location for Nollywood,  the second-biggest movie industry in the world in terms of number of movies made. Nigeria’s $500 million movie business churns out hundreds of films a year, second in production behind India’s Bollywood.

Haven’t heard of Nollywood? Well, here are trailers to five movies provided by the Post’s DeNeen L. Brown, who wrote this week’s magazine cover story on the phenomenon:

1. Paparazzi: Eye in the Dark

This 2011 romantic mystery upgraded production values for Nollywood. The plot: A newbie photographer, an image he shouldn’t have taken and an unraveling mystery.

2. Somewhere in Africa

Majid Michel starred in this film, which takes place during a military takeover in an unnamed country.

3. Living in Bondage

The 1992 movie by Kenneth Nnebue that became a hit through videocassette distribution and opened the door for other Nigerian filmmakers.

4. The King Is Mine

Who will be the heir to the King of Doduala? Similarities to “The Other Boleyn Girl” but some critics liked it better.

5. Osuofia in London

1992 comedy involving a rural Nigerian man who is sent to London, discovers the swank life and maintains high spirits during a misadventure. One of the first Nigerian movies to gain major international attention, it starred Nkem Owoh. En route back home, the lead character cautions the beautiful woman with him, saying: “There is an old woman who will claim to be my wife, and I have some people they call my children.”