Now that “Arrested Development’s” long-awaited new episodes on Netflix have been out in the world for 10 whole days, the natural question is: Will there be more?

At least, that was the issue on reporters’ minds during a conference call with creator Mitch Hurtwitz on Wednesday. Hurwitz’s answer: A resounding “maybe.”

“The hope was and is that we would do a theatrical movie,” Hurwitz said, in response to a question on what might come next–more episodes on Netflix, a movie in theaters, or a movie on Netflix. But of course, he added, “This is all complicated by the fact that there are existing rights [by Fox]…I suppose there is a scenario where there is a made-for-Netflix movie, but we haven’t explored it yet.”

Meanwhile, when someone asked about the multiple political jokes in Season 4 — including a character named Herbert Love who was a thinly veiled reference to former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain — Hurwitz wistfully recalled a Mitt Romney joke that never made it in the season.

The set up: George Sr. owns land in Mexico, and the family was going to be constantly chased off the land by a group of really handsome men, who were going to announce themselves as “the Mexican Romneys,” thanks to a strain of the Romney family that had settled in Mexico. “I was going to try to get George Clooney and people like that,” Hurwitz said.

And as for the storyline with Herbert Love/Herman Cain? “It just felt like a rich area for comedy,” Hurwitz said. “It also felt just politically incorrect enough.”