If Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Can’t Stop’ video — released Wednesday via Twitter — is a final plea to disassociate herself from her past life as Hannah Montana and cast off the shackles of the Disney Channel once and for all, then mission accomplished.

Miley is just bein’ Miley, guys. Point taken.

The clip is three minutes and thirty four seconds of sensory overload. And it has already grabbed the Interwebs by the scruff and forced a view, or two, or three (don’t worry, no one’s counting).

But in a world of ridiculous videos (as this blog has occasionally dissected), the bizarre scenes are shocking then instantly recognizable. They conjure episodes of “Girls” mashed with Rita Ora and Chanel West Coast. That is to say, they’re par for the course in modern pop stardom.

For arguments sake, let’s take a look at a few of the more jarring instances and discuss relevance.

1: The Gold Grill

If Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte can wear an American flag patterned grill on a podium, then Cyrus’ gold variety seems paltry. Am I suggesting that the swagger-jacking of rappers’ accessories is appropriate? No. Is it still shocking? No.

2: Bodysuits

This is not the first time Cyrus has worn a type of brief a la Marc Jacobs for spring. And she has plenty of company fighting the good fight against pants, namely Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Lena Dunham.

3. Twerking

Cyrus demonstrated her twerking skills at a Juicy J show nearly two weeks ago, leading to a video that immediately caught fire on the Internet. All of which surely enraged Nicki Minaj, who twerked on stage on top of Lil’ Wayne at the Billboard Awards and was met with nary the raise of an eyebrow.

4. Making-out with a doll

OK, this one may be all Miley. But insert obligatorily reference to “Blurred Lines” and I’ll reiterate, this is the world we live in.