Notable recordings from the world of pop music.

D.C. punk band Priests. (Amy Breesman)


Like his patron Rick Ross, this Miami rapper makes the English language sound wicked and delicious. But instead of slowly gorging on it, Gunplay devours his words, only minding his manners in moments of regret. The most striking rhymes on his superb new mix tape, “Acquitted,” come during the moody “Bible on the Dash” – he’s a rebel suddenly stricken with remorse: “I asked the pastor, ‘What’s the fastest way to heaven for a bastard with a tarnished past? Give me your honest answer.’ ”


With “Tape Two” – a seven-song EP coughed up in time for a U.S. tour that’s currently grinding down the West Coast – this rising D.C. punk quartet is showing its teeth and its muscles, combining surf guitars with Bikini Kill-er instincts. Vocalist Katie Alice Greer leads the proceedings, cooing and snarling, pondering pop singer Lana Del Rey, praising playwright Lillian Hellman and skewering all those “rich, white men” who signed the U.S. Constitution.